Megan & Hailey 38

My name is Megan Bailey.  I’m a canine coach.  I help people like you build the canine friendship of your dreams.

I want you to imagine your perfect dog.  What does your dog look like?  How do you want to feel when you own this dog?  Do you imagine going on hikes?  Watching television together?  Imagine having a constant companion who is always with you.  This is not just a dream.  This can be your reality.

I offer a unique, one of a kind coaching program where I help you in a variety of canine areas.  This includes finding your perfect dog, obedience training, proper nutrition, and fun activities.  The ingredients to the perfect canine friendship!

I myself got into obedience training before I knew I was doing obedience training! Three years ago my now husband and I got our first dog together.  A three month old German Shorthaired Pointer we named Hailey.  I was so thrilled! I was also very nervous.  I wanted to her to be a good dog, but all I knew was what I saw on television and books!

The day after my husband and I got Hailey I was teaching her how to sit.  After two weeks, Hailey knew how to sit, lay down, and stay.  With proper socialization, nutrition, and exercise, she is now a well behaved three year old!

I barely knew what I was doing at this time.  Today, I earned my diploma in dog obedience training, currently studying canine holistic care, continuing my education everyday, and help others build the canine friendship of their dreams.

Through creating my own canine friendship, my dog and I gained confidence and grew a strong friendship with one another.  Hailey is my best friend.  We love and respect each other.  With this friendship I know I can get through anything.  Contact me today and lets get started creating the canine friendship of your dreams!

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